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Silk Road Gallery Hosts Caricatures

Silk Road Gallery Hosts CaricaturesSilk Road Gallery Hosts Caricatures

A collection of paintings by Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour are on display at the Silk Road Art Gallery in Tehran.

The collection includes media caricatures, paintings, comic strips, animations and general caricatures, Hosseinpour said, adding: “One of the works is a large-scale painting, about 220cm by 180cm, named ‘72 Nations’. The work was created in the follow up to my call to the people.”

“I drew portraits of 500 people in 6 hours and they will be featured at the gallery,” he said.

His works include comic strips “which are animated” and 30 caricatures.

The artworks were created in the past two years and the collection has not been showcased before.

Hosseinpour (born in 1976), is a cartoonist and art director, and holds a painting degree from the Azad University of Tehran. He has worked as a media caricaturist since 1990 in publications including  ‘Golagha’ magazine, ‘Kayhan Caricature,’ ‘Sorush e Nojavan’ and  ‘Roshd e Nojavan’ magazines, and ‘Zan,’ ‘Norouz,’ ‘Aftabgardan,’ ‘Eghbal’ newspapers, besides the ‘Chelcheragh’ weekly magazine.

Hosseinpour has won prizes at the International Water Exhibition in Tehran, national cartoon exhibition of the Tehran City Council on the subject of ‘The Blue sky of Tehran’, first prize of the urban press exhibition in 1996 and 2nd prize in 2006, 3rd prize of the ‘Dialogue Among Civilizations. He was also awarded the 2007 golden medal of Persian cartoons for the best cartoonist of the year, among other awards.

The exhibition opened on May 29 and will run through June 15.