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Qur’an, Inscription Museum Planned

Qur’an, Inscription Museum PlannedQur’an, Inscription Museum Planned

A museum of Qur’an and Inscription in Tehran is planned to be established by the National Library and Archives Organization of Iran (NLAI), said its head, Seyed Reza Salehi-Amiri.

He said a building has been designated for the museum and it will be inaugurated soon, IQNA reported.

“There are also plans to obtain Qur’an copies from around the world to develop the Qur’an treasury of the National Library,” Salehi-Amiri added.

He expressed concern over the situation in regional states, especially Syria, where, among other things, rare manuscripts of the Qur’an and other religious and cultural heritage face the threat of destruction. “The spread of extremist groups in the Middle East has endangered the cultural heritage of these countries.”

In Syria and Iraq, invaluable cultural heritage is under serious threat as artifacts and rare manuscripts are either smuggled across borders or destroyed by the militant groups.