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Homay’s Classical Music Concert in Tehran

Homay’s Classical Music Concert in TehranHomay’s Classical Music Concert in Tehran

The interior ministry’s hall will host a classic music concert performed by Homay, Iranian composer, lyricist, vocalist, and performer.

The permit was issued after a delay but he is set to stage an official performance in Iran for the first time, ISNA reported.

Production office and public relations manager of ‘Avaye Honar’ institute, Seyyed Ali Nikoo-Nia said: “After the final permit is issued and the legal processes are finalized by the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance and the Music Department, the performance will go ahead. Homay will be accompanied by the well-known orchestra, Parvaze Homay.”

The performance will be a special and memorable event for music lovers, he said, adding: “Ballads and ghazal (a poetic form consisting of rhyming couplets) pieces by renowned Iranian poets will be performed by the orchestra.”

He said “surprises” are also planned for the audience.

Parvaz Homay (born 1980), also known by his birth name Saieed Jafarzadeh, but better known as Homay, is the founder of the Mastan Ensemble. He is specialized in Persian classical-style music.

Homay & the Mastan Ensemble enjoyed success after the release of their album ‘Meeting with Sinners Among the Flames’, written, composed, and sung by Homay.

Over the past several years, he has been working on an international project ‘Saving Our Planet Earth’. To compile the various components of this project both musically and artistically, Homay has spent much time traveling and conducting research in various countries including Africa, India and Iran.

The concert will be held on June 10-11