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Books on Nature for Kids

Books on Nature for KidsBooks on Nature for Kids

An educational book series for children, authored by Peyman Poorshakibaee, poet and writer, has been published by Mehr-Afrooz publication house “to make kids familiar with the environment and animals.”

The series includes stories and poems for 7 to 9 year-olds and is published in Isfahan, Mehr News Agency reported.

The author urged parents to enact the stories for their children using dolls. “This method helps children in the learning process,” Poorshakibaee said.

The collection includes ‘The Little Donkey and the Window’, illustrated by Mahtab Vahed, a poet, who teaches group work.

‘Tell Me, So I’ll Know’, a story illustrated by Mina Amini, ‘Who and Where Are You?’ and ‘Would You Look at Me?’ are among other books in the collection which portray animals, their eating habits and habitats. It enjoins children not to be afraid of animals and to protect the environment and forests. The books’ message for kids: respect nature and animals.

‘The Wise Panda’ is the story of a curious panda who seeks to find scientific tools. He learns how to use a magnifying glass and understands its function and importance. The story is illustrated by Amini and aims to stimulate children’s curiosity.

Lessons on training children on taking photos are found in the book, ‘Seven Sessions in Photography.’ The instructions include pasting a black fabric to the wall, placing their dolls in front and clicking a picture. They are also trained to take photos in open area.

Born in 1971, Poorshakibaee is a music teacher (tar, setar), poet and author. He is a member of the Iranian Music Forum (IFM) and ‘The Association of Writers for Children and Youth.’ His works are published by Ashianeh and Rahi publishers.