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S. Korea, Iran to Promote Literary Interaction

S. Korea, Iran to Promote Literary InteractionS. Korea, Iran to Promote Literary Interaction

Literary cooperation between Iran and South Korea is set for enhancement following a recent meeting between deputy head of Tehran’s Book City, Ali-Asghar Mohammadkhani, and Chan Soon Park, author, critic and representative of South Korea’s Art and Poetry Society.

On her first visit to Iran, Park said South Korea’s Art and Poetry Society, encouraged her to travel. “Iran is a secure and peaceful country,” she said, adding, “I am impressed by Iranian hospitality,” ISNA reported.

“I am here to seek ways to boost cultural cooperation between the two sides and introduce contemporary novels of Iran and South Korea to enthusiasts of contemporary literature.”

She said literature influences Koreans’ lives and named Cho Seon-Jak, Cho Jae-il, Han Su-san and Yand Gui-ja as contemporary authors popular among the youth. “Writers can influence the readership and their attitudes.”

Park also interviewed author Mostafa Mastoor.

Mohammadkhani hoped for joint conferences in Tehran and Seoul, and said works by Iranian and South Korean contemporary authors and poets will be translated in the coming years.

Park made her literary debut in 2006 after working as a film translator for dubbing and subtitling in MBC Co. and SBS Co. for 30 years, with over 50 documentaries and hundreds of feature films to her credit.

She has also subtitled for film festivals, and translated a number of books for adults and children. She is a professor of English Literature at Seoul Women’s University.