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‘Huck Finn’ at Honar Hall

‘Huck Finn’ at Honar Hall‘Huck Finn’ at Honar Hall

The classic play ‘Huckleberry Finn’, directed by Ehsan Majidi, is underway at Tehran’s Honar Hall. It reflects childhood fantasies and comedies, Honaronline reported.

The play tells the story of a boy, 13, brought up by his father. Tom Sawyer and his friends call him ‘Huck Finn’.  Huck thinks his mother died when he was a kid. But Jackson, his mother’s lawyer, informs him that she is still alive and lives in Cairo. So, despite his father’s disapproval, Huck begins his journey to Cairo accompanied by Jim (the family slave) in search of his mother.

The play is staged in classic form, Majidi said, adding: “Although it portrays childhood fantasies and comedies, the structure is classic and the story realistic. Therefore the decor is set to go with the time period when the story was written.”

Pointing to the weakness of youth theatre, he said: “If officials want a culturally-oriented society, they should pay more attention to theatre.”

  Adult Audience

Plays such as ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Huckleberry Finn’ seemingly address adolescents, but often have an adult audience. “The dialogue of the play is easy to understand,” Majidi said, noting that it won the best dramaturge prize at the Children and Youth Festival.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel by Mark Twain, first published in the United Kingdom in December 1884 and in the United States in February 1885 and has been adapted and rewritten many times.

The play, written by Kiumars Ghanbari Azar and Masood Shakarami, and directed by Majidi, will run through June 20 at Honar Hall, Varzandeh St., S. Mofatteh St. Haft-e-Tir Sq.