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Iranian, German Musicians in Fusion Concert

Iranian, German Musicians in Fusion ConcertIranian, German Musicians in Fusion Concert

Iranian tar and setar virtuoso Keyvan Saket and four German musicians from the Goethe Institute along with other foreign musicians, will perform a fusion concert in Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on May 29.

“This might be the first time that a group of 27 foreign guitarists from several European countries are performing with an Iranian musician,” Saket said at a news conference, Farsnews reported.

Helmut Oesterreich (Dutch guitarist), said he was eager to be performing in Tehran with Saket. He has been conducting the World Guitar Ensemble for 30 years and the ensemble has had many performances in different countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. “I’m quite familiar with Arabic and Indian music styles, but I have not had the chance to focus on Persian style.”

“I was informed by a friend who is in contact with the Goethe Institute that German musicians are willing to hold a concert in Tehran with me. The German ensemble wanted to hold a concert with an eastern musician and invited me to accompany them,” Saket said.

The German ensemble, sponsored by Goethe Institute - a non-profit German cultural association that encourages international cultural exchange and relations - is eager for a new experience and to collaborate with a musician from the East, he added.

The concert will be held in three parts, presenting Baroque and Renaissance musical pieces. “The first section will be a performance of the guitarists and myself. In the second part the orchestra (comprising over 60 Iranian musicians) and the guitarists, will perform the fusion concert,” he said.

The Iranian group, sponsored by Roodaki Foundation, comprises Naser Rahimi, Homayoun Rahimian, Karim Qorbani and Farshid Hefzifar.

Keyvan Saket is an acclaimed Iranian composer and music researcher. He has held numerous concerts in Iran, Canada and Australia.

He has worked with many great Iranian musicians, including Hamid Motebassem and the late Parviz Meshkatian. Saket has also been experimenting with creative arrangements of well-known western classical music using traditional Persian musical instruments, tar and setar.