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Iranian Artist at Izmir Art Biennale

Iranian Artist at Izmir Art BiennaleIranian Artist at Izmir Art Biennale

The International Izmir Biennale of Arts held recently featured three paintings by Aleme Bagherian. The artist was honored and awarded an appreciation tablet and a symbol of Izmir City.

Iranian artists surpass their counterparts in the Middle East, Honaronline quoted Bagherian as saying.

The Izmir Art Biennial aims to create a meeting point in Izmir between “artists and viewers from different cultures” and has been organized since 2011.

Izmir is a large metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara.

“I sent three of my recent works to the biennale on ‘Infinity,’ the topic,” Bagherian said. She used figurative themes in her oil paintings, which illustrated “a combination of modern and Iranian styles.” All the three works sent to the festival were oil paintings on canvas.

Bagherian’s works were appreciated by the visitors and she received positive feedback.  Pointing to the large attendance, she said Iranian art is distinct and unique.

Attending art fairs is far more professional for artists. However “the biennales have their own characteristics.”

The Izmir biennial plays an important role in the promotion of contemporary artists not only from Turkey but also other countries.  The event contributes to economic development of the host city, and also enriches their reputation. “This was the motivation for organizing the first international art biennial in Izmir,” reports Saba Art Gallery website.

Bagherian has a masters’ degree in painting at Shahed University. Her 4th solo exhibition was held at Seyhoun Art Gallery in 2013.