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3D Art Exhibited at Etemad Gallery

3D Art Exhibited at Etemad Gallery3D Art Exhibited at Etemad Gallery

A 3D artwork collection ‘Majnoon’ (literary lover) by Iranian artist Ramin Shirdel, is underway at Etemad Gallery.

The gallery includes 9 works, 7 of which are displayed on the wall and the other two are three-dimensional sculptures, illustrating the words ‘Eshgh’ (love) and ‘Hagh’ (God).

All the works are assemblage art of wood on panel, Shirdel said adding: “I created them as perfect items, illustrating accurate forms and ideas,” Honaronline reported.

He said the words have power and imply different images to visitors. “I chose figurative language for my collection to create a unique effect on the audience,” he added.

The concept of the collection is his narration of Majnoon. It is a combination of word forms, from thousands of pieces and hundreds of layers, in connection with each other, spread throughout the space creating “a noble and contemporary perception of image and sculpture,” he said.

 Shirdel deconstructed the structure of words and gave them a new arrangement; however “I distinguish my collection from calligraphy or other styles.”

In a note to the collection Shirdel said: “Love is the greatest thing one can ever realize, so big that it can penetrate into the smallest things. Similar to the way Majnoon talks about his beloved, recalling her in every word.”

Born in Tehran in 1981, Ramin Shirdel received a Master of Architecture degree from Tehran University. He is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in different mediums of art. He is also an award-winning architect who has designed several local and international projects.

Shirdel’s art was exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Elahe Gallery, Tehran (2011); the sixth Biennale of Sculpture at Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran (2011). His works are housed in private collections in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

The artworks are featured for the first time in Etemad Art Gallery in Niavaran. The show is underway till May 26.