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Litterateur Eslami-Nodooshan Felicitated

Litterateur Eslami-Nodooshan FelicitatedLitterateur Eslami-Nodooshan Felicitated

The Iranian Artists’ Forum (IAF) recently hosted ‘One Night With Mohammad-Ali Eslami-Nodooshan’ to felicitate the well-known litterateur.

Eslami-Nodooshan who could not attend the event said in a message, “during my life I have received more than I deserved from my readers and fellow Iranians, so no one is indebted to me.”

Pointing to his activities in culture and literature, he said, “I never entered politics as I believe culture and people’s beliefs form the basis of politics; I tried to feed people with proper information about Iran and culture to help contribute to public awareness, and in fact, pay my debt to humanity.”

Philosopher, translator and editor Mostafa Malekian and translator and author Fereidoun Majlesi spoke on Nodooshan’s personality, background and works. Also, a biography video was screened, Mehr News  Agency reported.

Mohammad-Ali Eslami-Nodooshan (born in 1925, Yazd Province) is an Iranian literary critic, translator and poet, and one of the most celebrated contemporary writers on culture and literature in Iran.

After receiving his BS in Law in Tehran, he went to France to continue his legal studies and to do his PhD. After he returned to Iran, he began teaching literature and law at the University of Tehran.

He has authored 45 books on culture, society and literature. His versatile writings often cover themes from ‘Morality and Literature’ to ‘Dialogue Among Civilizations’.

He has given lectures at 40 universities in over 20 countries, including Canada, all of which are published in English and French. He recently published his autobiography, an unorthodox event in Persian writing.

Nodooshan is active even after his retirement from academic life. He founded the Ferdowsi Cultural Center and the quarterly ‘Hasti’ (Being) in 1993.