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‘Pangul’ to Go on Screen

‘Pangul’ to Go on Screen‘Pangul’ to Go on Screen

The popular puppet character ‘Pangul’ will feature in its first film in the near future.

TV show host and actor Hooman Haji-Abdollahi who is better known for his voiceover for Pangul announced that the film is in its pre-production stage, MNA reported.

Produced and directed by Seyyed Javad Hashemi, the film is expected to enter production stage with cooperation from related organizations.

Pangul is a naughty cat in the ‘Rainbow’ children TV show broadcast during the past years along with hosts like ‘Auntie Narges’ and ‘Nima’. The program attempts to teach children moral and social values such as respect to parents, inculcating healthy eating and sleeping habits, etc. Pangul and his TV hosts are loved by both kids and parents.