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Mousavian Book on Iran-US Ties

Mousavian Book on Iran-US TiesMousavian Book on Iran-US Ties

A new book ‘Iran and the United States: An Insider’s View on the Failed Past and the Road to Peace’ by former Iranian politician Seyed Hossein Mousavian was presented at the 28th Tehran International Book Fair, May 6-16.

Published by Teesa Publications, the 500-page book, as its name says, chronicles the long hostile relationship between Iran and the US, giving detailed accounts of different events and providing solutions to the ongoing problems, Khabaronline reported.

The book earlier published in English by Bloomsbury Publishers in May 2014 was widely welcomed by the Americans, especially intellectuals and politicians.

Scores of books have been written by western experts, mainly American, looking at the root causes of the conflict between Iran and the US. However, none of them have presented an inside view of this complex relationship from within the context of Iranian culture and society.

This gap has been the cause of “misperceptions, misanalyses, and conflict,” followed by the adoption of US policies that have failed to achieve their objectives; however, the book provides a clear, incisive and thought-provoking look at how Iran sees its relationship with the US.

  Roadmap for Peace

Mousavian worked for over 30 years on diplomatic efforts between Iran and the West, serving in numerous official posts, and as a confidante, colleague, and peer to many former and current high ranking Iranian officials.

The former diplomat gives an insider’s history of the troubled relationship between Iran and the US. With so much at stake, the book concludes with a roadmap for peace.

“Mousavian’s direct experience throughout the 35 years of bitter hostility between the US and Iran provides an articulate, authoritative understanding of the causes of misperceptions and missed opportunities between the two countries,” former US ambassador to Ukraine William Green Miller said.

“This wise and fascinating perspective on the history of Iran’s relations with the US, will provide concerned Americans and Iranians with an understanding of the causes of past failures to establish a more constructive relationship and of the current window of opportunity,” Frank Von Hippel, Professor of Public and International Affairs emeritus at Princeton University said.