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Moving Dollhouse Cheers Up Passengers

Moving Dollhouse Cheers Up PassengersMoving Dollhouse Cheers Up Passengers

In a megalopolis like Tehran where thousands of yellow and green taxis move around on the crowded streets, a driver has an unusual treat for his passengers - his taxi decorated with dozens of beautiful dolls all over the dashboard, ceiling, and rear window.

The taxi filled with dolls from memorable classic and modern animations, serves as a morale booster for all kinds of passengers who get in, whether tired or upbeat, MNA reported.

Taxi driver Alireza Qandi, a young man in his thirties, literally lives with his dolls. His cab is the subject of interest to many people as well as cars which slow down while passing by to have a better look at the dolls.

Thanks to the publicity of his doll cab online through social networks, even foreigners have shown interest and call Qandi to serve them while travelling in Tehran.

Born in 1979, he has a passion for animals since childhood. At first he had just three dolls in the car but people’s reaction led him to increase them. He purchases the dolls himself and accommodates passengers’ suggestions. A number of them are gifts from friends and families, and some are gifted by the passengers.

A father of an 8-year-old girl and an 11-year-old son, he laughs at the suggestion that, “it is because he has no children that he has the doll car.”

Qandi welcomes comments from passengers in a notebook placed for the purpose. Among them a woman who was planning to go to court to file a divorce changed her mind after seeing the dolls and toys of her childhood in the cab.