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141 Int’l Media in Iran

141 Int’l Media in Iran141 Int’l Media in Iran

Close to 141 international media outlets operate in Iran disseminating local news to the world, the general office of international media at the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance announced.

A total of 76 international and regional TV and radio channels, 26 news agencies, 26 journals, 10 photo agencies, and 3 news websites have representative offices (RO) in Iran, IRNA reported.

Among the 76 TV and radio channels, 41 are Islamic including Lebanon’s Al-Manar and Al-Mayadeen among others. Other international channels with an RO include CCTV and Phoenix from China and RTL, ZDF, and ARD from Germany. There are also reporters in the country who broadcast news for US channels NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN.

Iran also hosts representative offices of major international news agencies like AP, and Bloomberg from the US, France’s AFP, Russia’s TASS, China’s Xinhua, Germany’s DPA, and Japan’s Kyodo, as well as renowned journals such as Financial Times from the UK and the American based Time, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal.

Six Islamic news agencies and five journals have offices among the total number. The name of Syrian news agency SANA and Lebanon’s daily Al-Safir are among them.

Getty Images and 9 other photo agencies also have ROs in Iran.

In all, 285 international correspondents, 193 Iranians and 92 foreigners, are active in the country. Close to 245 males and 40 females comprise the overall international reporters.

In the last Iranian year (ending March 20) a total of 650 foreign reporters entered Iran to cover local and international events.