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IAF Theatre School to Open

IAF Theatre School to OpenIAF Theatre School to Open

Iranshahr Theatre School, one of the most important projects of the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF), will be inaugurated soon, said Majid Sarsangi, forum CEO.

The school aims to promote theatre education among the younger age groups. “We have neglected training for children and youngsters,” he said, adding that pre-university education in Iran does not support theatre training, and “there is no integrated system for training young talent.”

Pointing to the objectives of the school at a press conference, he said their mission is to identify gifted children and prepare the grounds for their multi-dimensional education, Mehr News Agency reported.

Writer and theatre director, Davood Kianian, said “young talent is ignored and art education in pre-university years is weak.” The theater school is a big step “towards bridging the wide gap in theatre.”

Kianian stressed that theatre is a necessity in children’s education and said: “A few years ago a conference was held by the ministry of education on theatre and education. The papers presented at the conference were published in a book by Madreseh publications. Unfortunately, discussions on the issue were not continued.” Theatre has been added to children’s books in the past years, but since teachers are not trained in the field, they cannot instruct the pupils.

Theatre, cinema and literature critic, Manouchehr Akbarlou, said: “We are willing to turn the school into a professional theatre center.” He rued the declining number of art schools.

 Future Programs

On the future programs of the IAF, Sarsangi said: “The IAF has bought premises near Honarmandan Park.” The 6-storey building has 12 units which will be devoted to cultural and art activities. The Organization for Tehran Beautification is expected to contribute to equipping the building.

Saray-e Kazemi (Kazemi’s House) in District 12, the sidewalks of 17-Shahrivar Avenue and also Sa’dabad Palace will be host to IAF activities. The Philharmonic Orchestra of IAF will perform in Kuwait on May 24, said Sarsangi.

The 10-15 day Tehran Art Festival is also being organized. Other artist forums are planned to be established in Torbat-e Heydarieh, Kermanshah, Tabriz, Sanandaj and Qazvin.

Founded in 1998, the IAF is a cultural and artistic hub located in Tehran’s Iranshahr Ave. Theater performances, holding art exhibitions, concerts and conferences are among the activities of the forum.