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Short Films to Vie in US Festival

Short Films to Vie in US FestivalShort Films to Vie in US Festival

Five short films from Iran have been selected to compete at the 7th Trenton Film Festival in the US.

‘Reveal’ by Ghader Farivar, ‘The Sound of Road’ by Barzan Rostami, Amir Sarrafha’s ‘On the Path’, Masoud Soheili’s ‘ Blue-Eyed Boy’, and ‘1-0’ by Saman Hosseinpuor are the films to vie at the American festival.

The 8-minute movie ‘Reveal’, shows a pit in the street and passers-by that get stuck in it one way or another.

The 3-minute film ‘The Sound of Road’ narrates the story of a divorced couple. Their child, caught between mom and dad, chooses neither, but instead takes a different path.

‘On the Path’, 15 minutes, narrates the story of an elderly couple that has lived passionately alongside one another for years. Now the husband is old and frail and death is at the doorstep, but the woman keeps him hopeful by promising he will recover.

‘Blue-Eyed Boy’, 18 minutes, is about a boy with unusual color blindness who causes his parents shame when he accidentally kills some village livestock. His parents seek medical treatment, but when hospital doctors cannot help, they think of an unusual way.

The one-minute film ‘1-0’ depicts a barber who starts cutting a boy’s hair while watching a football game on TV.

The Iranian films will compete with other short films from the US, France, Britain, Russia, India, and Australia, MNA reported.

Trenton Film Festival, which features 53 films from 16 countries this year, aims to showcase emerging filmmakers and encourage dialogue between filmmakers and audiences.

The five-day festival offers a mix of narrative and documentary features and short films, as well as animation, and music video. The event is slated for June 10-14 in Trenton, New Jersey.