Bahman Mohasses’s Paintings on Show
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Bahman Mohasses’s Paintings on Show

Sculptures and paintings by renowned contemporary artist Bahman Mohasses, will be exhibited in Tehran.
The exhibition titled ‘60 Pieces of a Missing Body’, includes 60 sculptures, collages, prints and a collection of felts (textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together) which are inspired by traditional Iranian handicrafts, and will be held jointly by Ab-Anbar and Aria Gallery from May 22 till June 12, Honaronline reported.
On the selected collection is a note by Morad Montazami, well-known teacher of art theory in French art schools (Bourges, Lyon, Toulouse) and author of several articles and essays. Montazami has held an exhibition on six decades of Iran art titled ‘Unedited History’ accompanied by Catherin David at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. He also considers Mohasses as one of the founders of ‘Modernism in Iran.’
Bahman Mohassess (1931- 2010), dubbed by some as the “Persian Picasso”, was an Iranian painter, sculptor, translator, and theatre director. His oeuvre comprises paintings, sculptures and collages. He was also a celebrated translator of literary works.

In his youth he learned painting from Habib Mohammadi (who had studied in Moscow Academy of Arts) and moved with his family from Rasht to Tehran, where he attended Tehran’s Faculty of Fine Arts. In 1954 he moved to Italy to study in the Fine Art Academy of Rome and returned to Iran in 1964 and participated in Venice, Sao Paolo and Tehran Biennales. Mohasses directed plays, including Pirandello’s Henry IV at Goethe Institute and Ghandriz Hall in Tehran. He also translated books of a number of authors, including Eugène Ionesco, Malaparte and Pirandello.
Mohasses passed away in Rome in 2010. “He was one of the outstanding contemporary artists in Iran,” said Aydin Aghdashloo, Iranian painter, author, art critic, art historian and graphic designer. Javad Mojabi, Iranian poet, writer, researcher, and literary and art critic describes him as an important art critic “who influenced the contemporary history of Iran.”
The exhibition is the first comprehensive show of Mohasses’s works. Previously, his art works have only been displayed at domestic group galleries. In fall, 2006, Niavaran Cultural Museum hosted a series of his works.


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