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Vietnam Photo Exhibition

Vietnam Photo ExhibitionVietnam Photo Exhibition

‘Vietnam Today’ exhibition, showcasing a part of customs and social life in Vietnam, will be launched at Melal Culture House on May 19.

The three-day event is organized by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) and Tehran Municipality Art and Culture Organization.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Tehran Nguyen Hong Thach met the ICRO chief director of cultural and art cooperation, Mehrdad Agahi, to monitor the exhibition which will display photos on Vietnamese traditional life style.

The idea of ‘Vietnam Today’ was suggested by Hong on the 40th year of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Pointing to the bilateral political and economic cooperation, he stressed that Hanoi is willing to expand cultural relations with Tehran. “The embassies of the two countries should bridge cultural relations. People of my country are not familiar with tradition and culture of Iran, and they are keen to know more,” he said.

Vietnam is well-known for its resistance to war and is highly respected by Iranians, Agahi said, despite the low-key bilateral relations.

He pointed to the measures taken to boost the exhibition and said: “ICRO is prepared to expand cultural and artistic exchanges.”  

The photo show will be held from May 19-21 at Melal Culture House in Tehran’s Gheytarieh Park.