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‘Gypsy Kings Family’ to Perform in Iran

‘Gypsy Kings Family’  to Perform in Iran‘Gypsy Kings Family’  to Perform in Iran

The music band ‘Gypsy Kings Family’ is scheduled to perform in Tehran in late May, according to Pirooz Arjmand, director general of the Music Center of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance.

“The general policies of the center in terms of international cultural exchanges has been to support visits by Iranian groups abroad to promote Iranian identity and culture, and welcome foreign groups with mutual cultural background; that is why we are looking forward to holding joint concerts as well as exclusive performances,” ISNA quoted him as saying.

Such collaborations should reveal interest in oriental music. Music that is inspired by the vast domain of Islamic culture is a good example.

Arjmand referred to a number of requests by music production companies asking the center to host musical performances within and outside the country. “Those complying with the general policies and regulations of the Islamic Republic will receive permits after thorough assessments are made.”

While some members of the world-renowned Spanish flamenco band ‘The Gipsy Kings’, a group of musicians from Arles and Montpellier in the south of France who perform in Spanish, are no more, their progeny together with three old members founded a new band called ‘Gypsy Kings Family’. The new band performs the same style of music of their predecessors and has a vast global audience.

Following the announcement of the concert last week, the original band of Gypsy Kings which is still active, albeit with different members, had denied their performance in Iran. “It was a misunderstanding as we had talks with another group and it is almost settled now,” Arjmand noted.

  Persian Influence

Traces of Persian and Indian music can be found in flamenco style which was expanded to North Africa and Spain. The genre’s key instrument ‘flamenco guitar’ is purportedly a modified version of Persian Oud (or Barbat, a pear-shaped stringed instrument).

“Their music is respectable and incorporates modern musical rules; their Orient-based work has gained global recognition and popularity,” Arjmand said.

He believes that flamenco music is the only remnant of Persian style in European culture and the performance in Iran will reflect the influence of Iranian music globally.

The band has voiced readiness to perform live shows in Iran and initial agreements have been signed. The final permit for hosting the concerts will be issued once the approvals are obtained from the relevant authorities.