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National Mothers Film, Photo Festival

National Mothers Film, Photo FestivalNational Mothers Film, Photo Festival

The first National Festival of Film and Photo on Mothers is to be held from July 28 to 31 in Tehran.

The event was initiated “to appreciate and elevate the role of mothers as the key nurturing figure in the community,” IRNA reported. The festival will showcase works in two sections of film and photography. Well-known Iranian television and cinema actress Fatemeh Goudarzi is the event secretary.

“The eternal role of mothers as the focal point in families has changed and is fading in the chaotic modern world of today; therefore, the art of cinema can re-embellish this invaluable circle in the chain of education and culture through such events,” said the public relations office of the festival.

The film section is in two parts: films addressing the concept of motherhood, and filmmakers who are mothers. It is a dual effort to experience how national filmmakers view maternity and how mothers who are filmmakers, view the society they operate in.

The event is held in cooperation with the Independent Short film Support Center – a center to identify talented filmmakers and the best independent cinema productions, and provide them with facilities to achieve domestic and international recognition.