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Sport Tournament of Isfahan Sister Cities

Sport Tournament of Isfahan Sister CitiesSport Tournament of Isfahan Sister Cities

The 2nd International Sports Tournament of Isfahan Sister Cities is underway in the historical city of Isfahan, Iran.

Mohammad-Reza Babagolian, executive director of the tournament said the program “seeks to promote cultural exchanges, identify the city’s potentials and promote the spirit of true athleticism.”

The tournament is for the disabled in two sports events: wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball, MNA reported.

In wheelchair basketball, Armenia, Malaysia, China, Iraq, Russia, and three teams from Isfahan are competing. Russia, Germany, Iraq, and four city teams are participating in the other competition.

Isfahan’s 15 sister cities include Barcelona in Spain,  Florence in Italy, Freiburg in Germany, Baalbek in Lebanon, Dakar in Senegal, Havana in Cuba, Lasi in Romania, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Kuwait City in Kuwait, Kyoto in Japan, Lahore in Pakistan, Najaf in Iraq, Saint Petersburg in Russia, Xian in China, and Yerevan in Armenia.

Sister city is a form of legal and social agreement between cities to promote cultural and commercial ties.

The one-week event started on Sunday and will conclude on May 16.