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Bojnourd Students Break World Domino Record

Bojnourd Students Break World Domino RecordBojnourd Students Break World Domino Record

Students of Eshragh Institute of higher education in Bojnourd, North Khorasan Province, managed to break the world record for the longest domino structure on September 29.

On the occasion of the Sacred Defense week, the second national students’ domino conference was held at Eshragh University. By designing a wall of domino tiles, 40 meters long and 1.4 meters high, the university students succeeded in breaking the world record previously held by Germany with a 30-meter-long and 1.25-meter-high wall, Irna reported.

In another attempt, the students made an array of 100,000 dominoes. When toppled in a chain reaction, the structure displayed pictures of soldiers’ trenches, tulips, a Persian text (‘the martyrs are alive’ in English), two martyr’s faces, and the name of their university in Persian.

It took 23 days for a group of eleven students to finalize the domino structure.

Last year, Eshragh University students also broke another world record when the 13-member group used 25,000 tiles for a 3D-pyramid, a record previously held by Switzerland with 16,675 domino tiles.