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Iran-Mexico Share Literary Connect

Iran-Mexico Share Literary ConnectIran-Mexico Share Literary Connect

Mexican poet and publisher Aurelio Asiain says Iran and Mexico “do share literary connections” and “we have read ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ (a collection of West and South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age), and poems by Hafiz and Khayyam, and their influence on Mexican literature is noticeable.”

Nothing feels better than Tehran’s official recognition of Mexico,” Asiain added, during his visit to the 28th Tehran International Book Fair.

He cited Sadegh Hedayat as one of the most popular Persian authors among Mexicans. Mexican Ambassador Canchola Gutierrez was also present.

  Other Int’l Guests

Among the international guests at the TIBF were also two distinguished officials of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Claudia Dobry and Ursula Holpp. “TIBF has had its shortcomings in the past eight years that I have attended, but it is significant that it has always seen an improvement in various aspects year by year,” said Dobry.

The Italian pavilion is presenting a variety of books including Treccani Publications which offer the greatest encyclopedia in Italian and exquisite books on their artists, including Leonardo da Vinci.

Garo Vartanian, who chairs the Yerevan Museum of Literature and Arts and is director of the Armenian pavilion, also expressed joy in participating in the event and its performance, saying “the reception is extraordinary and all visitors are very enthusiastic.”

  Open Window

Carlo Corti, head of the Cultural Center of Italy in Tehran, took stock of the long diplomatic ties between Iran and Italy and their vast cultural similarities, adding: “Cultural relations are a permanent open window to bilateral cooperation.”

“I believe establishing a direct link between readers and publishers is of essence and this exhibition is making it happen,” he added, reports IRNA.

Germany is introducing 400 titles by 150 German publishers including several volumes on Iranology and the Middle East. The Islamic Center Hamburg, together with publishers from Japan, Tunisia, Venezuela and Pakistan are other guests at this year’s edition.