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Printed Jewelry

Printed JewelryPrinted Jewelry

The IRAN3D Co. produced the first Iranian 3D printer with micron accuracy in 2012. After examination and optimization of mechanisms, the machine was mass-produced to be utilized in jewelry industry. The first printer was unveiled in winter 2012 and was largely welcomed by the jewelers.

Different 3D jewelry printers are available in the Iranian market namely, Iran3D, Digitalwax, Envision and Projet.

As investments on modern equipment in industry are profitable and economic, this innovation needs more official support. Users have many problems in acquiring spare parts and do not receive proper training. The value of the investment can boom if it is combined with expertise of designers and innovators.

3D printing (or additive manufacturing, AM) is any of the various processes used to make a three-dimensional object. In 3D printing, additive processes are used, in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control. 3D printable models may be created with a computer aided design (CAD) package or via a 3D scanner or a plain digital camera and photogrammetric software.  Domestic 3D printing was mainly practiced by hobbyists and enthusiasts, and was little used for practical household applications.

Many fashion designers are benefiting from the new technology and realizing their creative ideas. They are able to design and produce artistic dresses, shoes, and other accessories. Haute couture fashion shows presenting their printed outfit designs have received huge attention.