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Armenian Playwrights to Perform at Ritual Fest

Armenian Playwrights to Perform at Ritual FestArmenian Playwrights to Perform at Ritual Fest

The first Armenian Playwrights Conference will be held simultaneously with the Traditional-Ritual Performance Festival in Tehran. The conference is a follow up of an agreement between Armenia and the Iranian Theatre Forum (ITF), said Behzad Sedighi, head of ITF.

Pointing to 12 translations and publications of Armenian plays, Sedighi said: “The plays, translated by Andranik Khachoomian, are published and will be unveiled soon.” Reading six plays and holding professional sessions on translating foreign works are on the agenda.

According to the agreement, the proper grounds will be provided to stage the plays and “we are making preparations in this regard,” said Sedighi.

The play ‘A Romantic Story of Death in May’ (literally) is written by Mohammad Charmshir. The playwright clubs of both countries are getting ready for its performance and the Armenian troupe will travel to Iran for the opening of the Traditional-Ritual Performance Festival.

Sedighi also said he is working on a play by Karine Khodikyan. “I hope we can stage joint plays of Iran and Armenia in other neighboring countries.”

The purpose of translating Armenian and Iranian plays by ITF is to introduce theatre literature to neighboring countries and enter the global market.

Sedighi hoped for NGO’s and government cooperation to support their effort. Certainly with the help of private and government agencies, such as the Office of Performing Arts “we can make strides.”

The Traditional-Ritual Performance Festival is slated for September 19 and will run till November 23.