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Spanish Festivals to Screen Iranian Films

Spanish Festivals to Screen Iranian FilmsSpanish Festivals to Screen Iranian Films

Two globally acclaimed movies from Iran will take part in two different international festivals in Spain.

‘Today’ by Reza Mirkarimi has been invited by the 9th Granada Film Festival Cines del Sur to attend the event slated for June 8-18, ISNA reported.

The movie has participated in several foreign festivals and won many awards. It narrates the story of a middle-aged cab driver, Youness, who takes a young helpless pregnant woman to the hospital where he is faced with a quirky encounter.

Parviz Parastui and Soheila Golestani play the two lead roles. The film is also scheduled to be shown at ‘Visions Sociales’ and ‘Cannes Cinephiles’, two sections of the Cannes Film Festival.

Cines del Sur is an international event in Granada, Spain, that focuses on emerging cinemas belonging to what is known as the geo-political south. Film productions from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, which often have limited distribution and screening opportunities, find in the festival a platform to help them gain recognition.

Beyond a showcase of films, the festival is also a place for encounters, discussion and sharing among professionals, film lovers and people interested in broadening their social, cultural, economic and political perspective of the globalized world.

The festival encourages reflection and debate on the enormous value of diversity and cultural exchange.

  ‘A Minor Leap Down’

Hamed Rajabi’s ‘A Minor Leap Down’ is another Iranian film selected for the 30th International Young Film Festival in Valencia, Spain.

The movie won the jury prize in the Panorama Section of the International Federation of Film Critics or Federation Internationale de la Presse Cinematographique (FIPRESCI), at the international Berlin Film Festival 2015.

The drama is about Nahal, a young woman who, in her fourth month of pregnancy, learns that her baby has died. But she finds it difficult to inform her family of the sad news as they are busy with their own affairs. Negar Javaherian and Rambod Javan perform the main roles.

The Spanish festival focuses on the most interesting and creative films by young filmmakers from across the globe. Two competitive sections constitute the thrust of a program which also include tributes, retrospectives, and exhibitions.

A firm commitment to a cinema of quality for all kinds of audiences has placed the event amongst the most important international film festivals held in Spain.