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War Veteran-Artist in Berlin Peace Festival

War Veteran-Artist in Berlin Peace FestivalWar Veteran-Artist in Berlin Peace Festival

A series of paintings by Hashem Badri, renowned veteran artist, will be displayed at the World Peace Festival in Berlin.

Badri and Davood Ameri, veteran photographer, have been selected by the Cultural and Islamic Relations Department of the Veterans Foundation to attend the festival, ISNA reported.

“I was asked to prepare 16 paintings for the exhibition. Since the festival is dedicated to peace, the theme of the paintings is mostly focused on trees, as a cultural symbol of peace,” Badri said.

The Berlin festival is not his first activity overseas. “I have displayed my paintings in Algeria, France and Nakhchivan before.” Badri is also supposed to do a painting in front of the audience.

  ‘Badrism’ Taught

Hashem Badri is a war veteran and an artist. His legs were injured in 1981 during the Iraqi imposed war, “but the pain gave me inspiration to create.”

The plight of disabled war veterans, and his own determination and resilience, helped him create unique, delicate and beautiful artworks. Badri registered his art style in France in 1995. The French now call his style of painting, “Badrism” and teach it. His painting instrument is a palette knife and the ‘tree’ is the subject of a major part of his artworks.

“I spent most of my free time painting with a palette knife,” he said, adding that most of his relatives are plasterers and work with trowel or spatula. So the background inspired him to create a new style of painting.

Elements of trees, leaves and nature can be seen in plenty in his works, “I’m so close to nature,” he said, adding that “I even speak with trees and see them in my dreams.” He believes that his strong relation with nature impact his paintings.

The World Peace Festival is a platform that inspires and encourages millions of people around the world to take an active stand on peace. The festival runs from May 7- 11.