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National Theater Needs More Support

National Theater Needs More Support
National Theater Needs More Support

The significance of performing arts in raising and promoting cultural awareness in the country was stressed by minister of culture and Islamic guidance in his message  to the 7th Iran Spring Theater ceremony on Tuesday in Gorgan, the capital of Golestan Province.

“Greater support to national theater will prepare the grounds to increase theater halls in cities and encourage public performances. A prudent approach to theater will in turn harmonize and sustain all affiliated sectors, and strengthen the country’s cultural pillars,” read Ali Jannati’s message on the occasion, IRNA reported.

Iran’s Spring Theater is a one-month event that starts on World Theater Day (March 27). It conducts a number of programs and conferences in this particular field of art across the country. The ministry has named the current calendar year (started March 21) as “the Year of Theater” to highlight this field of art and promote policies in this regard.

Jannati said “the glorious art of theater always seeks to broaden the human psyche, and is now ready to shine on national and international stage, following the undying efforts by field artists and enthusiasts.”

At a time when racism and sectarianism are rife and “the growing trend of archaic thoughts and blasphemy and fake manifestations of religion continue to misguide people, the art of theater can be a reminder of humankind’s high rank and worth,” he said, confident that theater will have an impact on elevating human consciousness.