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Torkian’s First Album Published

Torkian’s First Album PublishedTorkian’s First Album Published

An album by Iranian composer Ramin Torkian residing in Canada has been released in Iran for the first time.

He has teamed with Khosrow Ansari as vocalist in the album titled ‘Mehraab’ (literally altar), recorded in Canada and distributed by the Beethoven Music Shop.

“I wanted my emotions to lead me in my brand new approach in this album; I’m sure my musical background and knowledge will help express them profoundly. Here, Iranian music does not transform into Arabic music and the roots of our musical heritage are honored,” says the album brochure.

He cited Ansari’s particular style of performing together with the melody and lyrics as the fundamental elements of ‘Mehraab’.

Recited in the nine tracks of the album are poems by Persian poets Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi, Saib Tabrizi, Khwaju Kermani, Awhadi Maraghai, and Abu Saeed Abulkhayr.

  Skilled Player

Ramin Torkian is a musician and co-founder of the groups Axiom of Choice and Niyaz. Relying mainly on acoustic instruments, Torkian subtly alters traditional sounds “with a variety of recording studio tweaks and arrangements.” He is also skilled at playing several instruments, including the Azerbaijani tar, the Turkish saz, and the guitar-violin, an electric guitar-like instrument that uses a bow and is adapted from a 14th-century instrument.

Several of the lyrics in his songs draw on or include traditional Middle-Eastern prayers, songs or chants. His music has also appeared in films such as The Chosen One (1995), America So Beautiful (2001), Plastic Flowers Never Die (2008), and Crossing Over (2009). He has collaborated with world-renowned composers including Harry Gregson-Williams, Mychael Danna, and Hans Zimmer.