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Wiley Officials’ Presence in TIBF a First

Wiley Officials’ Presence in TIBF a FirstWiley Officials’ Presence in TIBF a First

For the first time, the Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) will see the presence of chief managers of John Wiley publication, one of the biggest and well-known publications worldwide.

Philip Kisray, Wiley’s deputy chief manager in Europe and international development section, and Reinhard Schuelke, Regional Sales Manager in Middle East and CIS, will attend the 28th TIBF (starts May 6) to introduce their new products and services to government agencies and private publishers, Mehr news agency reported.

Wiley with 208 years of experience, is presenting its products through its exclusive representative in Iran, ‘Avand-e Danesh’ (literally, vessel of knowledge). The latter is an active member of the festival showcasing 8000 book titles in Latin, Persian and Arabic in international section, among which 2000 were published in 2014 and 2015.

‘Avand-e Danesh’ will also present reference books in form of encyclopedias and handbooks in different fields. In addition, it is publishing Wiley book titles including the ‘For Dummies’ collection. The Iranian representative will sell Wiley books at a discount of 10% to 50% for specific academic works. Persian book volumes will get a discount of 20%.

  Global House

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., also referred to as Wiley is a US global publishing company that specializes in academic publishing and markets its products to professionals and consumers, students and instructors in higher education, and researchers and practitioners in scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly fields.

The company produces books, journals, and encyclopedias, in print and electronically, as well as online products and services, training materials, and educational materials for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students.

Founded in 1807, Wiley is also known for publishing ‘For Dummies’ an extensive series of instructional/reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered. The series has been a worldwide success with editions in numerous languages.

The books are an example of a media franchise, consistently sporting a distinctive cover—usually yellow and black with a triangular-headed cartoon figure known as the “Dummies Man”, and an informal, blackboard-style logo. Prose is simple and direct; bold icons, such as a piece of string tied around an index finger, are placed in the margin to indicate particularly important passages.

As of 2012, Wiley had 5,100 employees and a turnover of $1.8 billion.

  Foreign Distributor

Sal UK Ltd. is another foreign publisher showcasing its books in the Latin Section. In the international section, foreign book distributors will exhibit book titles in general lexis, anthropology, archaeology, classic studies, economics, education, history; Iran and Islam; language and linguistics; and computers, energy, nanotechnology and many other subjects at the 28th TIBF, which will run until May 16.