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Sacred Defense Cinema Blossoms

Sacred Defense Cinema Blossoms Sacred Defense Cinema Blossoms

In the past years several films on Iran-Iraq war have been produced which deserve praise, but this is not enough since the heroic Iranian resistance and 8 years of sacred defense are legendary and calls for far higher standards of production, Mohammadreza Jafari-Jelveh, CEO of Farabi Cinema Foundation said to the public relations of the 13th International Resistance Film Festival last week.

He also said it is wrong to assume that holding the Resistance Film Festival annually means “a major part of Iranian productions should address the subject.” Cinema must narrate life in every aspect. Life necessitates patience and resistance but not always in the form of “fighting on the battlefields”, he said quoted by YJC.

Resistance festival is due to take place during the sacred defense week, September 22 to 29, in different cities of Iran as well as some countries in the region.

 Meeting Place

The former deputy culture minister said the festival is a meeting place for those working in the film industry. It can have an impact on the industry by encouraging film makers to participate in different festivals and provides the best opportunity to review and evaluate films, he said.

Jafari-Jelveh also said the pre-production phases of some movies on sacred defense are being carried out at Farabi depicting critical aspects and periods of the Iran-Iraq war. ‘Heaven from South East’ by Javad Ardakani about the resistance offered by Sistan and Balouchestan Province, ‘Lover’s Tale’ by Ahmad Ramezanzadeh about Halabcheh, produced by Masoud Jafari-Jozani, and a film on Hassan Bagheri, a celebrated Iranian commander martyred in the war, by Kamal Tabrizi are among Farabi projects on the agenda.