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Rivaldo in Iranian Film

Rivaldo in Iranian FilmRivaldo in Iranian Film

Former Brazilian soccer star Rivaldo is playing in an Iranian production ‘I’m not Salvador’ which is being shot in Brazil.

Rivaldo, aged 43, is considered one of the best soccer players of all time as he won many awards during his professional career both in club and national level.

Directed by Manoochehr Hadi, ‘I’m not Salvador’ is a comedy about the life of an Iranian in Brazil who is mistaken by a local girl for a guy called Salvador; this is the beginning of a set of funny incidents happening to him, MNA reported.

Former Barcelona midfielder Rivaldo plays in his own role beside Iranian actors Reza Attaran, Yekta Naser, Jila Sadeghi, Sogol Mehrabi and Mehdi Mehrabi and Brazilian actors Carol Vidotti and Barry Fiocca.

Interestingly, the first day for Rivaldo before the camera coincided with his birthday (April 19). He had a surprise from the Iranian cast and crew who held a party for him.

The Brazilian player said this is the second time he had a surprise in store from Iranians. The first time was when he came to Iran with Uzbekistan Bunyodkor to face Perspolis in AFC Champions League in 2010.

“I was really impressed to see 100,000 fans filling Azadi Stadium since I did not expect such enthusiasm among Iranians,” he said. “And now once again I am amazed as the film unit knew the date of my birthday and held a party for me.”

Amir Parvin-Hosseini and Mansour Sohrabpour are the producers of the film. Almost 90% of the locations are set in Brazil and the rest in Tehran.

Sohrabpour has previously produced the series ‘Made in Iran’ in 2012 which was partly shot in Lebanon. However it is the first experience outside the borders for director Hadi who has four feature films and three TV series in Iran to his credit.