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Chavoshi’s ‘Boatless Oar’

Chavoshi’s ‘Boatless Oar’
Chavoshi’s ‘Boatless Oar’

Mohsen Chavoshi’s new album ‘Boatless Oar’ will be released on October 7.

After a long wait, the album which includes 10 tracks is ready to hit the music market. Chavoshi has composed all the songs himself. Amir Jalalfard, Omid Hojjat, and Koushan Haddadkar have arranged them, FNA reported.

This time, Chavoshi has used lyrics of Hossein Safa, Hossein Ghiasi and Ruzbeh Bemani in his album.

Chavoshi creates his songs in his own studio and spends most of his time working on single tracks and albums. He has announced that the new album includes remarkable changes from his previous works.

In his last album ‘I Myself Am The Thirteen’, released in March 2013, he used Persian traditional songs including poems of Mawlana, Shahriyar, Vahshi Bafghi, Baba Taher and Khayyam. The album largely appealed to his fans as well as experts in music field.

An Iranian pop singer, musician, record producer, and songwriter, Chavoshi has released 9 albums and tens of singles since 2004. His fans love him mostly because of his ‘rough’ voice, passionate melodies, and sad, deep lyrics.