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Experimental Films on Screen

Experimental Films on ScreenExperimental Films on Screen

A meeting was held at the Iranian Artists Forum on Sunday with members of the policymaking council of the ‘art and experience’ cinematic group, and other cineastes.

Head of the Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs Hojatollah Ayoubi, and head of art and experience group Amir-Hossein Alamolhoda were among the participants, honaronline reported.

The purpose of the group is to screen new, modern experimental and artistic films to serve the interests of a particular social section that “can connect to such movies.”

“Certainly these movies have their own special appeal and may not be welcomed by the mass audience” Ayoubi said. “The meeting is a wish come true after a long time. With the help of experts, a big step has been taken and the group will begin working eventually in the mainstream.”


He further said that new experimental movies represent art and culture of Iran cinema; therefore, the films have support of the cinema organization.

The films of this group will be shown in Tehran cinema theaters of Azadi, Kourosh, Cinema Museum, and Iranian Artists Forum as well as Hoveyzeh cinema in Mashhad.

Four movies will start screening from October 5. ‘A Night’, “Fish and Cat’, ‘Awakening for 3 Days’, and ‘From Tehran to Heaven’ are artistic and experimental productions selected to be shown.

Some documentary films will also be screened in the current month. ‘6 Centuries, 6 Years’ by Mojtaba Mir-Tahmasb, ‘A Simple Event’ by the late Sohrab Shahid-Saless and classics by Kamran Shirdel along with a foreign classic film have been selected to appear on screen for the first time in Iran.