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Persian Gulf ‘Fish and Coral’ Exhibit at Niavaran

Persian Gulf ‘Fish and Coral’ Exhibit at NiavaranPersian Gulf ‘Fish and Coral’ Exhibit at Niavaran

An exhibition of works by 38 artists on fish and corals of the Persian Gulf will be held at the Niavaran Cultural Center from April 29.

The idea of the expo was first raised on migratory birds of Ashuradeh (an island in the Caspian Sea), by artist Homa Rostami, said Mina Mohitian, manager of ‘The Persian Gulf Fish and Coral’ project, Honaronline reported.

 “The result was a 3-month trip to the island, providing a valuable opportunity to 38 illustrators and painters to create the collection,” she said, noting the project is a follow up of an earlier exhibition, titled “Fish and Corals of the Persian Gulf Facing Extinction.”

Both have been designed and arranged by ‘Pile-ye- Behesht’ (Cocoon of Heaven), an independent art group, with the motto: ‘Art for protection’.

Several other programs will be organized alongside the exhibition, said Mohitian, adding that: “At the opening ceremony, a documentary by Mohammad Ali Inanlu and Mohammad Taghi Vahmian will be screened showing the artists travelling to Kish Island and compiling the collection.”

The works are also published in a bilingual catalogue and will be unveiled at the exhibition. A video art named ‘58 percent’, directed by Mohammad Nuraei, will be displayed. The video is devoted to Persian Gulf fish and corals.

Parviz Kalantari, Hossein Mahjubi, Gizalavarga Sinaei, Ghobad Shiva, Bahram Dabiri, Hossein Maher, Masume Mozaffari, Behnam Kamrani and Afshin Bakhtiar are among the painters, graphists and illustrators whose artworks will be showcased.

The exhibition coincides with the Persian Gulf National Day, and will run until May 14, at Niavaran Gallery, Pasdaran Ave., opposite Niavaran Park, Tehran.