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Unique Style in Kheradmand’s Paintings

Unique Style in Kheradmand’s PaintingsUnique Style in Kheradmand’s Paintings

Aria Gallery hosted a collection of 33 paintings by veteran actress Ahoo Kheradmand in the past week. Kheradmand is not trained in painting, but her art works illustrate a unique style.

“Her paintings have many elements in common with film art,” Honaronline reported.

“After my sister passed away 7 years ago, severe depression forced me to undergo psychotherapy via painting. Painting was initially a ‘sedative’ for me but later it turned into a profession” she said.

Her first exhibition, entitled ‘From Picture to Picture’ was held in 2010 at Shirin Gallery.

The collection included 15 works of art. Later on, she returned to cinema, but “painting had become a serious calling.”

“The idea of the exhibition was suggested by one of my friends,” she said, adding that 17 paintings were exhibited.

All works of art in her collection show the ‘subconscious and the emotional’ inspired by theater, cinema and her extended family. Elements such as noisy school children and people’s footsteps are conveyed by her paintings “as signs of life.”

She says her previous profession had a strong effect on her artistic style. Her art works will also be hosted by Seyhoun Gallery in Los Angeles, Karun Art Gallery in Vancouver, and Firoozeh Aghdashloo Art Gallery in Toronto from May 31.