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Book Gets Publishing License After 12 Years!

Book Gets Publishing License After 12 Years!Book Gets Publishing License After 12 Years!

The permit to publish the novel: ‘Fear Not My Daughter! No One is Here,’ written by Ahmad Talebi-Nejad, has finally been issued after a long delay.

The book is the second work of Talebi-Nejad submitted to the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in early 2000. “My second novel is a follow up of an earlier book titled ‘Year Zero’ and was sent to the ministry 12 years ago,” he said, reports Khabaronline.

Talebi-Nejad had referred to the ministry together with the publisher several times to pursue the matter. “We were exhausted by the long-awaited follow-up and I think the reviewers were tired too, but finally the license was granted.”

The earlier novel ‘Year Zero’ published in 2000 is inspired by the “atmosphere and mood of the contemporary generation.” So is the second novel, he said, which will be published by Ghatreh Publishing House. ‘Gol Neveshteh-ha va Del Neveshteh-ha’ (Writings from Heart) is his latest novel to be published soon. The book is a collection of Talebi-Nejad’s notes and articles of the last 5 years.

He said both books will be available in the market in the follow up to the 28th Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) slated for May 6-16.