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Iranian Percussionist at Belgium Fest

Iranian Percussionist at Belgium FestIranian Percussionist at Belgium Fest

Iranian dulcimer player Shahriar Sharifpour performed at the 10th Belgian Music Festival in Brussels recently.

The Courants d’airs is one of Belgium’s top music festivals annually held from April 22-26 hosting over 300 musicians with different styles, IRNA reported.

Sharifpour held a duet with Antoine Dandoy, a brilliant percussionist, at the Brussels Parliament hall titled ‘The Meeting’ to suggest “the coming together of two different artistic and cultural viewpoints.”

Sharifpour completed his studies in music major in Iran and has a bachelor’s degree. He is continuing his studies in music composition for master’s degree in Belgium. He started playing the percussionist instrument dulcimer in childhood and has been tutored by musicians like Alaei, Meshkatian, Fakhredini, Tajvidi and Lotfi.

He has authored the book ‘The Duet of Dulcimer and Kamancheh (spike fiddle)’, and published several articles in music journals and performed in different concerts in Iran.