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Musical Events at Niavaran

Musical Events at NiavaranMusical Events at Niavaran

The music band ‘Darya-e Raz’ (literally Sea of Secrets) will take the stage on April 25 for the first time in Tehran.

The band includes music graduates and members of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, Iran’s National Orchestra, and the state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Orchestra, who will perform classical nostalgic pieces along with old popular songs in two languages: English and Spanish, reports IRNA.

In the upcoming concert, lead vocalist Darya Valiloo will perform her pieces with modern touches and electronic arrangements.

She is a graphics graduate and works as a vocalist and guitar player, having studied in Tehran Conservatory with the most experienced and established field instructors. Valiloo has worked with renowned national artists including Khashayar Etemadi, Pari Zanganeh, and Reza Yazdani in duets since 1997.

The concert will be exclusively for women.

  Blues Genre

A music band led by guitarist Nima Zahirnia will stage a blues musical on April 25.

The band started their career in 2005 and has been well-received by fans after performing in Tehran Conservatory Festivals.

Blues is a genre and musical form that originated in African-American communities in the southern United States around the end of the 19th century. It is characterized by sad melodies, and thus derives its name.

Zahirnia and his band plan to perform three works by the genre’s most prominent figures, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy, along with six original pieces.

The concerts will be staged at 5pm and 9 pm respectively at the Persian Gulf Hall of Niavaran Cultural Center in Farmanieh neighborhood, Tehran.