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'My Friend, Spider' in Spanish

'My Friend, Spider' in Spanish'My Friend, Spider' in Spanish

'My Friend, Spider', an ode to childhood, written by Babak Saberi and illustrated by Hassan Amekan is being published in Spanish and Portuguese by El Faro (the Lighthouse), a Spanish youth group and children's club.

The work is an answer to the provocative cartoons on the Prophet of Islam by the French Charlie Hebdo magazine earlier this year, Mehr News reported.

The story of the book is about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sheltering in a cave for three days when migrating from Mecca to Medina. The 'moshreks' (heathens) search everywhere to find him. By God's will, a spider builds a web at the entrance of the cave and some birds lay eggs, showing that no one has entered the cave for a long time.

Saberi focuses on the spider and birds that come to aid Muhammad and introduces the Prophet using simple language in his book. He has beautifully depicted Muhammad's sublime personality to children and youth.  The book is not yet published in Persian and is expected to be presented to Latin American children in Spanish and Portuguese.  El Faro has published more than 50 book titles - including ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, ‘In the Embrace of God’ - taken from Iranian authors Seyed Mehdi Shojaie, Mostafa Rahmandoost and Fariba Kalhor  in both Spanish and Portuguese in different Latam countries.