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‘Supper Infinite Digger’ in Iran Game Market

‘Supper Infinite Digger’ in Iran Game Market‘Supper Infinite Digger’ in Iran Game Market

A brand new Android game ‘Supper Infinite Digger’, designed by Sourena Game Studio (Sourena Pardazesh Arya), is currently available online for free download, says game project director Hasan Mehdi-Asl.

It is the studio’s first experience in designing android games, he said. “Costing over 100 million rials ($3,000), the production phase was completed before the year-end (March 20); therefore, we decided to release it for free as our Nowruz (New Year) gift to the users,” Mehr News Agency reported.

On the risks of getting into the pirated market of mobile games, he noted: “Although design of poor quality mobile games is easy, we have produced one of high quality to satisfy our patrons and protect our game.”

“We are still in the trial and error phase of designing Android games, and we want to identify the shortcomings,” he said, noting: “The game will be experimented in the Iranian market to be developed in terms of design for iPhone and Google Play in the future.”      

It has been downloaded 15,000 times so far, he noted, hoping to reach 50,000-100,000 downloads via advertising. “In the updated future versions, we plan to add new characters, levels and sections, as well,” he added.

“If users sign into their Google account and play the game, they will be able to observe their scores and share or compete with other players,” he stressed.

On the importance of supporting domestically produced games, he called for publications and websites like Café Bazaar (the biggest Android app store in Iran: to support the games designed in Persian language, and “in consonance with our culture and identity.” Otherwise, the domestic market will collapse due to lack of competition with foreign game designers,” he pointed out.

‘Super Infinite Digger’ is an arcade game in a fantasy world through which one should just dig while choosing the right kind of blocks in front of you. The main challenge is to dig as many blocks as one can in a specific amount of time and achieve a high score. The game is designed in three challenging modes namely: time, endless and story mode, with different levels – easy, normal and expert.

Founded on February 18, 2008, Sourena is an independent game development studio that combines years of experience, creativity and resourcefulness in design of high quality games.

Taking advantage of talent and experience of experts in various fields, it strives to make games a great and enjoyable experience for every gamer as well as a rich experience for the developers working on them.