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Cultural Artistic Festival on WAVE

Cultural Artistic Festival on WAVECultural Artistic Festival on WAVE

The first cultural-artistic festival on “World Against Violence and Extremism” (WAVE), aimed at promoting a culture of peace, will be held May 17-22 in Tehran.

In an exclusive press release to Financial Tribune, public relations office of the festival said the event comprises various sections of short films, music and visual arts such as painting, Persian miniatures, calligraphy, poster and photography, all on the subject of peace.

The center for international and cultural studies of the University of Tehran has organized the program in cooperation with the ministry of sciences, research and technology, UNESCO, national library and archives of Iran, and vice-presidential office for women and family affairs. Artists, academics, and peace activists are to participate as well.

In addition to displaying the selected works, various sessions on the subject of the role of culture, art, media, literature, women, and citizens in environment, globalization, and the fight against violence and extremism will be held.

The idea of a ‘world against violence and extremism’ was proposed by President Hassan Rouhani at the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2013.

The festival secretariat has extended the deadline for sending the entries and artworks to May 5. Enthusiasts can submit their works to the festival website or contact the secretariat at the following phone number 0098 21 66968094.