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Digital Printing Benefits Apparel Industry

Digital Printing Benefits Apparel IndustryDigital Printing Benefits Apparel Industry

Digital printing machines have driven the apparel, textile and garment industry into a new era to ensure better variety and quality of fabric printing. Digital textile printing, being a rather modern technology, makes a huge contribution to the apparel industry by speeding up and easing the printing process.

“With inroads by digital printing machines in the textile industry, it not only facilitates the work but also adds to the variety and quality of printed textiles,” said Sara Kakolian, a digital printing machine seller in Tehran.

Digital printing machines work similar to paper printers, despite the fact that “they are not limited to time, pigment numbers and fabric types,” she said, adding that: “Another advantage of digital printers is that they don’t occupy much space and are easy to operate,” reported Honaronline.

Comparing conventional  printing techniques and digital printing, Kakolian noted that silk printing is time consuming and expensive and uses mass printing techniques, with bulk buyers having to order at least 1000 meters of printed fabrics. However, this requirement does not prevail in digital systems. They can print short lengths of fabric or even one T-shirt. The advantages immensely benefit the clothing industry.

Digital printers are available at different prices in the market according to their types and features. There are industrial and home-use printing machines that can be utilized by firms and producers in smaller workshops.