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Sheed Awards Promote Social Documentary Photography

Sheed Awards Promote Social Documentary PhotographySheed Awards Promote Social Documentary Photography

The exhibition on the fifth edition of Sheed Awards inaugurated at Momayez Gallery of Iranian Artists Forum last week, “has given an impetus to photographers and social documentary photography in spite of the lingering indolence in the field,” said Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, renowned photographer and author.

He is also a juror on the fifth edition’s panel, and a member of the policymaking council.

Sheed (literally light and brightness) Awards is an independent award ceremony for social documentary photography and many of its former top participants have achieved international ranking and recognition, Honaronline reported.

The expo is sponsored by the participating photographers. The members of the jury and workshop instructors are also cooperating, free of charge. A small part of the expenses were covered by entrance fees that photographers were required to pay.

Hooshmandzadeh noted that the submitted photos have improved in quality compared to previous exhibitions and have come closer to the purpose of the awards. “The photos in previous rounds mostly fitted under the subcategory of photojournalism; they are much closer to social documentary this year.”   

Nearly 173 photographers sent their works after the call for entries in March, and 22 were selected. Five to six photos in each series are showcased, while the rest are presented in a slideshow displayed on the gallery walls.

Noting that the workshops and conferences in the latest edition seek to promote and teach photography, Hooshmandzadeh said art education has numerous shortcomings in the country, and young enthusiasts are in need of guidance as “they have learned the principles of this specific genre of photography experimentally.”

The event will deal with how to incorporate social subjects into documentary photography, he added.

Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to chronicle both significant and historical events and everyday life. The photographer attempts to produce truthful, objective, and usually candid photos of a particular subject, most often of people.

The subjects of photos in this edition include addiction, autism, bachelor life in Iran, and more personal ones such as parental (family) homes, and how Iranian children spend their leisure time.

Four lectures by Mehdi Moghimnezhad (member of the Art Faculty of Tehran University and teacher of Criticism and History of Photography), Mohammadreza Tahmasbpour (internationally renowned photographer), Yahya Masoudinejad (photographer), and Milad Roshani Payan(critic) are on the agenda.

The exhibition will run until April 23 at the gallery at North Mousavi St., Art Garden, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran.