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Bergman’s ‘Persona’ on Tehran Stage

Bergman’s ‘Persona’ on Tehran StageBergman’s ‘Persona’ on Tehran Stage

‘Persona’, a play directed by Melika Razi, is on stage at Entezami Theater and will run until April 24. The play is an adaptation of a movie with the same title, Mehr News reported.

The story is about an actress who suddenly becomes silent while acting the character of ‘Electra’ on stage. She decides not to speak “due to the mental stress of her child’s dependency on her.” Her doctor suggests she undergo psychodrama treatment and a nurse takes care of her all day. During the treatment some truths emerge.

The cast includes Safura Kazempour, Pajand Soleymani, Saeid Leil Abadi, and Hooshmand Honarkar. Two of them are not present on stage and the audience can watch their performance through video projection, Razi said, noting that: “Nearly 70% of the stage setting and design is highlighted by actors throwing light on each other with torches.”

“I tried to keep the stage setting plain, because I needed actors to perform and move freely. In ‘Persona’, the focus is on actors and their characterization,” she said.

The original movie ‘Persona’ was directed by Swedish director, writer and producer Ingmar Bergman in 1966, and “it was among the most outstanding works from critics’ point of view.”