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Entezami, Artist of Life

Entezami, Artist of LifeEntezami, Artist of Life

The 197th night of Bukhara magazine nights was a celebration in honor of the prominent Iranian actor Ezzatolah Entezami.

In this celebration which was held on Thursday, the book ‘I’m Ezzat, the Child of Sangalaj’ was presented to two notable Iranian film directors Dariush Mehrjouyi and Masoud Kimiayi who have directed many of Entezami’s films.

‘The night dedicated to Ezatollah Entezami’ was held in the presence of Dariush Mehrjouyi, Mas’oud Kimiayi, Iraj Rad, Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, Pari Saberi, Parviz Parastouyi and Ghazaleh Sultani, who has compiled the book ‘I’m Ezzat, the Child of Sangalaj’.

Dowlatabadi, the outstanding Iranian writer said: “I know Entezami for over forty years both in person and from a distance and have been learning from him. Entezami is not just a mere artist on the stage; he is the artist of life.”

“Ezzat is the symbol of common Iranian morality. His persistence, passion and flexibility have made him able to take his rights and live along the artistic community in perfect harmony.”

Entezami, who is in his early nineties, could not attend the event due to ill-health. He is known as the ‘Master Actor’ in Iran cinema for his numerous outstanding roles in various films, plays, and TV series.