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The 6th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium is underway at Milad Tower in Tehran.

As in the previous years, professional artists from within and outside will compete in the main event including 10 Iranian and 12 foreign artists; eleven artists are also taking part in the student section, honaronline reported.

Speaking on the purpose of organizing such programs, symposium secretary Mojtaba Mousavi said events like the sculpture symposium can generate joy and excitement among artists. “This event can be a step towards greater interaction between artists and viewers as the public can observe the process of the creation of an artwork and talk to the artist while he/she works on his/her piece as well,” he added.

Each sculptor is given a 1x1.5x3 monolith to carve their art works. Models of the sculptures, one-fifth of the actual size, sent to the symposium secretariat were approved earlier.

“It is the best opportunity for sculpture students to gain experience,” Art University professor Mohammad-Hossein Emad said. “It also helps students to practice what they have studied in theory.”

Calling the participants future sculptors, he said the competition “is a workshop for the attendees as they can learn from each other, and what they learn here has a great influence on the society as well.”

Like in the previous rounds, 33 students would assist the artists in the main competition.

  Placed in Parks

Most likely all the final sculptures will be placed in one of the parks in Tehran, deputy of Cultural and City Arts at Organization of Tehran Beautification Hadi Mozaffari had stated earlier.

The jury for the symposium comprises one Iranian and two foreign artists. Jhon Gogaberishvili from Georgia, Ali-Jabbar Hussain an Iraqi-born presently living in Denmark, and Hamid Shans from Iran are members of the jury, which will start evaluation of the works from October 5.

The Georgian artist was the winner of the third Tehran Sculpture Symposium and Ali-Jabbar won the first edition of the event.

The symposium commenced on September 14 and will continue till October 7. The results of the competition will be announced at the closing ceremony, to be held on October 8.

Earlier this week, the symposium secretary announcing the prizes said the first three winners will be awarded $3500, $3000, and $2500 cash prize respectively along with an honorary diploma.

A similar program is simultaneously being held in Tabriz.