Iran’s History in Simple Language
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Iran’s History in Simple Language

A book series titled ‘Answers to Questions in Iran’s History’ was recently published by Ghadyani Publishing House (Banafsheh Publications) to educate youngsters on the history of their nation.
Published for the first time in late 2014, the series comprises simplified accounts of the most popular and significant eras of Iran’s history, Mehr News Agency reportd.
It includes volumes titled ‘Iran during Ghaznavid Dynasty and Seljuq Empire, ‘Iran during the Mongol Empire’, ‘Iran during the Timurid Dynasty’, ‘Iran during Afsharid Dynasty’, and ‘Iran during Zand Dynasty’ and the historical events during the respective eras. Due to popular demand, a number of the books went into second print only few months after publication.
The history of Iran is a vicissitudinous journey and its numerous narrations vary in certain aspects. Most history books include lengthy and detailed accounts that are tedious for young age groups.
The series of historical events, however, integrates gripping graphic demonstrations to depict the atmosphere in which historical facts took shape. Real photos of places of notable events, clothing styles, and the surrounding environment are also published alongside so that readers can envisage the scenes as they unfolded.

  Best Medium
Book compilations are the best medium to connect young adults with the real world of history. The series enjoys high standards in terms of page and cover design, illustrations, and coloring.
Taking into account the target groups and their inquisitive minds, the authors have used simple language and short sentences to encourage them to explore their past history, and promote a reading culture among them.
The books are offered at reasonable prices for children and young adults.
Ghadyani Publishing House is a private publisher that began its activities in 1976. It already has 1700 titles in children and adolescent books. It has published 120 first-edition titles and republishes 500 titles annually.
It is the top publisher in production of children and adolescent books and has received the country’s Best Publisher Award seven times so far.


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