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Afghanistan, Iraq Good Markets for Iranian Publishers

Afghanistan, Iraq Good Markets for Iranian PublishersAfghanistan, Iraq Good Markets for Iranian Publishers

The Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) provides a proper opportunity for Iranian publishers to meet their foreign counterparts.

The executive director of ‘Olum-e-Iran’ (Iran Sciences) Publication Mohammad-Taqi Faramarzi made the remarks in an interview with IBNA saying that Afghanistan and Iraq are good markets for Iranian publishers.

Faramarzi announced that ‘Olum-e-Iran’ Publication will introduce 50 titles at the 28th TIBF, slated for May 6-16.

He further added that about half of these books are printed for the first time, 30 titles have been translated and 20 have been compiled.

Referring to the top books offered by the publication Faramarzi said: “Our books are published in various fields of science and evidently the books on statics, mechanics, engineering, dynamics, calculus and network security are the best-sellers this year. ‘Physics Dictionary’ which has been published by McGraw Hill International Publications is also likely to be of interest to the academia,” he said.