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Short Films by Kiarostami’s Students at 33rd FIFF

Short Films by Kiarostami’s Students at 33rd FIFFShort Films by Kiarostami’s Students at 33rd FIFF

A total of 29 short films directed by students of the renowned filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami at his workshops in Colombia and Spain will be screened at the international section of the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) in Tehran.

One of the side events of this edition of the festival is a short film workshop on the films directed by Kiarostami’s students.

All the films, made in the workshops in Colombia and Spain, will be shown during the 8-day occasion, public relations office of the FIFF reported.

On a suggestion by film maker Mahmoud-Reza Sani, who accompanied Kiarostami in the two workshops, Kiarostami’s top students who made the best short films will present their works in Tehran’s Mellat Cineplex. After screening, the directors and audience will discuss the movies.

Besides analyzing the short films, methods of choosing an idea for a film, Kiarostami’s filmmaking lessons and his training style, and the experience of making a film outside Iran are some of the topics to be discussed in the sessions.

An active filmmaker since 1970, Kiarostami has been involved in over forty films, including shorts and documentaries. Kiarostami has worked extensively as a screenwriter, film editor, art director and producer and has designed credit titles and publicity material. He is also a poet, photographer, painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. Through holding workshops he transfers his knowledge to the younger generation.

This is the first year that the international section of the FIFF, slated for April 25-May 2, is being held separately from the national section (held in February).